A HashiGirl Journey (pt. 1)

Hi, HashiGirls.

Well, Leigh finally won and I went and did bloodwork. I’ve had trouble getting general practitioners to order hormone and complete thyroid tests in the past, so when Leighset me up with her doctor—I knew I needed to get it done. When I was diagnosed with Hashi’s a few years ago, I was given a prescription for Levothyroxine and I had heart palpitations for the next 6 months. None of the specialists I saw caught that Levo could be causing the palpitations. They ran me through a bunch of tests and prescribed me lots of prescriptions. It was maddening and discouraging at the same time. I finally just quit taking the Levo and all the other meds that had been prescribed to deal with the palpitations (I know—scary. Definitely don’t do what I did.) and bailed. That was 2017. After doing an elimination diet and starting a regular workout plan (and losing 12lbs), I know I’m still not operating at peak function and I can still feel that something isn’t quite right.

I’ve watched Leigh change people’s lives. I’ve watched her help women lose 30+ lbs and get rid of their migraines (I have those, too). I’ve seen her help people clear their skin and grow their hair back. So, you know what? I’m in…

Day 1: Had a consultation appoint over the phone with Leigh and the Doctor she’s working with (not going to name him here, but’s very nice). Went over the paperwork I sent in which was a ridiculously long drawn-out saga—probably like you guys—of doctors either telling me nothing was wrong or prescribing more mediation than I’d ever seen in my life. After our chat he put together and order for blood work.

He requested over 50 tests (when you count all the subsets). I took the order to my local testing place and had it done the next day. I waited about 6 days for my results but the Doctor got them in 4. My numbers looked super scary. My TSH was way high and my cholesterol was bonkers. I was really nervous to talk to the Doctor. I’ve been down this road before and I quit all my meds last time.

Day 7: On the day of the call the Doctor was super nice and Leigh sat in to listen. He walked me through what each test was and what it meant. Leigh was really helpful and talked about what her numbers were when she started.

At each of the high numbers he told my why he thought they were elevated and we circled back to some of the other issues. In my experience, most doctors would’ve lobbed 3 prescriptions at me, but this Doctor said that’s exactly what he didn’t want to do.

He thought my numbers might be wonky because I was becoming insulin resistant. When I told him how well I ate normally, he said start a keto-type diet for a few weeks could help me reset. He recommended I go four weeks and then check back in. We’d run all my numbers including my TSH and figure out if I was in a thyroid hormone dump last time or if there was a real reason my TSH was super high.

I’d done keto years ago when I got off my medications the first time around (also, I am not saying get off any meds without talking to a doctor first–I am SO not a doctor), and I think it helped me get pregnant. Not because I was way cute and skinny, but because I wasn’t aware of my gluten/dairy sensitivities and my hormones were jacked. I also did a way sloppy bacon and eggs for every meal version of keto, so guidance from Leigh and the Doctor was much appreciated. They gave me a list of supplements to use and I ordered them the same day.

So, I start week one of a gut-healing, insulin resistance fighting ketogenic plan on Monday (4/5). Last time I jumped into ketosis really quickly but keto flu was a B%^$# (I’m not sure if Leigh lets me cuss here). This time I’ve got some tips and supplement to take the edge off so I’m not super nervous.

I’ll keep you guys posted.



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I know a girl who spent almost $10,000 trying to get a diagnosis, because she didn’t look sick. Because her numbers were “fine”. Because no one listened. Because even though she was doing everything right she DID NOT FEEL BETTER. How much is your happiness worth? Your health? Being able to spend more time with your kids? With your spouse?

 It should be better than this. And it can be. 

But you have to choose YOU.