HashiGirl Academy MedTalk + Survey

Finding the right medication for you can be a little tricky. Especially when we are navigating through all the different options: with T3 or without, generic or brand name. And don’t even get me started on dosages. 🙄


Actually, let’s talk dosages for just a minute. Typically when staring a new medication my doctor will do a re-check of labs in 6wks. Here’s the deal though, if at 3wks you feel awful check in with your doctor! Don’t wait 6wks if you feel terrible. Your doctor likely has some tricks up their sleeve. Maybe they prescribe a secondary medication, maybe they double or half your dose. I hate to see HashiGirls quit on a medication because it makes them feel worse (Ahem, Liza) and then wait years to get back on (Ahem, still Liza). Talk to your doctor instead and make an adjustment. If your doctor isn’t responsive—say it all together now—WE GET A NEW DOCTOR.

Also, just know it may take numerous tweaks to get to the dosage your body prefers. Be patient and keep those follow up appts. Track how you feel. Take notes. Keep a journal. Take in your own data when you talk to your doctor and be diligent about sharing how you feel! ❤️

Brand Names vs. Generic

Narrow Therapeutic Index drugs, such as those for seizures, heart arrhythmias, thyroid hormone, blood thinners, and lithium, have blood concentration levels that are very narrow for therapeutic value. Small concentration changes can lead to these drugs being ineffective or even toxic. 

If you are on generic medications remember that in order to pass FDA standards generic medications must be in the range of 10 percent above or below the blood concentrations achieved with the brand name drug. Usually, this number is actually within 5 percent.

But for us HashiGirls—that’s a lot of wiggle room!

I’ve had HashiGirls do great on Synthroid and then get switched to a generic levothyroxine and spiral! I’ve also had HashiGirls on generic levothyroxine for years do just fine. This is all about what works for you and advocating Remember, if we’ve made our lifestyle changes, if we’ve done the work and we still have symptoms, a new medication may be what we need to really eliminate symptoms!

Another thing to consider, according to the FDA, inactive ingredients can (and usually do) vary from brand name medications to their generic counterparts. Meaning dyes, binding, preservatives, and flavor agents can all vary from brand name to generic. Some medications even use gluten as binders!

If your generic works well for you—AWESOME! But if you’re being pushed to switch and you’re nervous, don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself.

Your health belongs to YOU! 

Have a questions about your meds? Reach out to me anytime in the Exclusive FB Group or on MarcoPolo! 🤗