What is HashiGirl™ You?

HashiGirl™ You is a Monthly Membership and is the first comprehensive mobile application and community platform dedicated entirely to HashiGirls™!

What do we do?

We run anywhere from 8-10 community challenges a year all designed to help you meet your goals. Why does the number change? Because we need a little longer to reach some goals than others. This entire community is focused on you successfully meeting goals and keeping promises you make to yourself. And sometimes that takes a little bit!

We also have live events, teachings, and discussions, plus tons of information sharing and resources!

If it makes your life as a HashiGirl™ easier and more enjoyable and helps you to look, feel, and get better—it’s in here!

You’ve got a full free week! You don’t have to take our word for it—just take a look around!

Who is in there? 

We’ve got HashiGirls™ trying to lose weight, gain strength, better understand their bodies, and even just get their pantries organized! We’ve also got HashiGirls™ looking for community support, understanding, and advice. We’ve also got HashiGirls™ who just want to swap recipes, lifestyle-tips, and find ways to make the habits that they KNOW work for them actually stick!



Hi, I’m Leigh! Creator of HashiGirls.com and the HashiGirl™ University Programs.

But most importantly, I have Hashi’s. Why is that “MOST” important right now? Because this condition affects me and the people I love. This autoimmune disease changed the way I lived in many ways but also taught me how important it was not to lose what I love. About myself, about my life, and about the people around me.

If you work this program and if you can find the support you need within our community, your own Hashi’s will stop being something you suffer with and instead, something you can build a solid foundation for a good life IN SPITE OF.

Through our programs, I get to work with inspiring, strong, fun (and funny!) HashiGirls™ every single day.

Is this app for you?

Try it out and see! This journey should be about you.

Your goals. Your body. Your life.

HashiGirl™ University…

HashiGirl™ U…

HashiGirl™ You.