Finding Your Root Cause Isn’t “THE” Answer

OK, before you lose your minds. I’m not saying that finding your “root cause” isn’t important. I’m not saying it’s not a valuable piece of data. I’m saying that finding you root cause isn’t the end of your Hashi Healing Journey. Once we discover our root cause we may be able to refine our routines, but the basic building blocks of healing your Hashimoto’s are still going to remain the same.

You’re still going to need to make some lifestyle changes. Your still going to need to learn about your food sensitivities and intolerances and allergies. You’re still going to need to lower inflammation and work on your gut health.

So whether your Hashi’s seems to be hereditary and you come from a long line of people with autoimmune diseases, or you think a virus triggered your cascade of symptoms—you have to heal anyway.

Finding your root cause is a great piece of information to have, but solving where your Hashi’s came from—doesn’t make it go away.