Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™ 

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Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™ is a 16-week program and one-stop-shop for HashiGirls ready to eliminate their symptoms following a step-by-step approach with built-in accountability and surrounded by a supportive community of women who just get it.

What does Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™ actually look like?

If you don’t know the answer to this question—don’t worry! I’ve got GREAT NEWS: you’re already in the right place!

Thriving Through Hashimoto’s looks like:

  • Not having to explain why you’re so tired all the time…

  • Not losing relationships over lack of intimacy…

  • Not feeling like a failure after trying something new alone…

  • Not being overwhelmed by what you’re “supposed” to be doing…

  • Not just hoping it gets better but actually taking the steps you need to in order to FEEL, LOOK, and GET BETTER!

Thriving Through Hashimoto’s looks like:

  • Sleeping Better..

  • Creating Healthier Relationships…

  • Setting Boundaries You Feel Good About…

  • Ending the Stress Cycle…

  • Learning What Your Body Needs…

  • Having a Support System to Keep You Accountable…

  • Healing From the Inside Out…

  • Feeling like the BEST version of YOU again!

What do our HashiGirls™ have to say about Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™?

What does the Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™ Program include?

Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™ Program:

This program is broken into two parts:

First, we work our way through the HashiHealing™ Habit Progression. This progression approach allows us to add healthy habits one step at a time. No overwhelm, no overly-complicated rules. Just the simple habit stacking of tasks and routines to help us feel better faster.

Next, we transition into 35 to Thrive™: a 35-Day System designed to our knowledge and habits into practice! This is where we see all the results you hear our HashiGirls™ rave about! (Weight Loss, Hair Regrowth, Less Bloating/Inflammation, and more!)


Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™ Program:

+ Weekly Instructional Modules

+ 4 Q&A Calls to Track Your Progress

+ Course Lifetime Access in Circle

+ Private Marco Polo Group Where You Get Feedback in Real-Time

+ TTH Program Guide and Journal


HashiHealing™ Habit Progression

Simple, Sustainable, Successful—These habits are designed to build upon one another and create lifestyle and mindset shifts to eliminate symptoms and keep you on track to build a solid foundation for the rest of your life!

+ HashiGirl™ Healing Sleep System

+ Meal Planning Guide

+ Healing Yoga Flows

…and more!


35 to Thrive™

A 35-Day Intensive System where we put into practice all we’ve learned and you see and feel REAL RESULTS!

+ HashiGirl™ Healing Gut Protocol

+ Easy HashiGirl™ Dinner Designer

+ HashiGirl™ 35 to Thrive™ Journal

+ Supplement Guide + Log

…and more!

You shouldn’t be this tired. Or this sad. Your hair shouldn’t be thinning while your waistline expands. Your nails shouldn’t be brittle and  sleep shouldn’t be so hard to get. I know this diagnosis can make you feel hopeless. I know it feels overwhelming. I know it feels lonely. I know because I’ve been there, too.

Hi Y’all!

I’m Leigh, the Creator of Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™ and HASHIGIRLS.COM.

I’m a mom, a wife, and a Believer. Why do I mention that? Because my faith was a big motivator for when I started this journey. I believe we’re all given a call to serve and while I was working to heal my own Hashi’s, what kept me going was thinking of all the women I’d be able to help when I was done. I sincerely hope you’re one of those women. But first let’s get to know eachother a little better…


Here’s my story…

For years I was a prisoner in my own body. Doctors couldn’t place my symptoms. Friends told me I was probably “just stressed”. I listened to doctors and followed instructions. I took my medicine on time and tried my best to exercise and eat right.

I did everything I was supposed to and I still felt off.

So, I quit talking about it. I kept my symptoms to myself. For years I kept my disease to myself.

When I finally got the nerve to talk to my doctor. To tell him all I’d been feeling— the mood swings, the insomnia, the exhausting and unending fatigue—he told me to go home and have a glass of wine.

He told me I was making something out of nothing and that I needed to find a better way to relax.

I had two choices when I walked out the door of that doctor’s office.

I could retreat. I could crawl back inside myself and suffer in silence for another 7 years…

Or I could take matters into my own hands.

I could choose to be an advocate for my own health. I could choose to stand up for myself and demand better. I could choose learning. I could choose healing.

I could choose me.

So I did.

And YOU can, too.

Still a little nervous? Curious how I know my program works when so many others don’t? Need a little more information to get a spouse on board? Just want to know that I’m a REAL person and a HashiGirl™ like you? Scared this investment is too big? Worried you can’t do it?

Then let’s talk about it! Click the button below to shoot me a text. We can schedule a call and get to know each other a little better.



I’m happy to answer all your questions about the Thriving Through Hashimoto’s Program and what the next steps will look like for you to FEEL, LOOK, and GET BETTER!

That’s why I’m here!