HashiGirl Sleep Favorites


I’ve talked to you about creating a sleep routine and why it is so important in my newsletters, on Facebook, and on Instagram, but sometimes embracing change, enforcing limits, and prioritizing healthy habits just isn’t fun. I get it. But you know what is fun? Buying new things to support your healthy habits. 🙂


Ok, let’s just call it what is it—HOT FLASHES SUCK. They interrupt your sleep. Make your partner crazy and no one likes to wake up soaking wet at 2am—every single night for YEARS. Hone you have thyroid hormone issues you usually have a host of other hormone issues. Regulating temperature while you sleep is a REALLY BIG DEAL.

If you can splurge, try this: https://amzn.to/39mR3vm (affiliate). Everyone I know who has it—loves it. My last big purchase was a Peloton and my sleep temp issues have subsided since I got my meds back in range, but 4 years ago I would’ve cut my leg off to have this in my bed. It also doubles as a sound machine for those of you HashiGirls that love a fan noise for ambiance. Possibly, this is only a South Texas thing. 

If turning your bed into a refrigerator isn’t and option this blanket is the next best thing. This absorbs heat and keeps you cool, allowing to sleep through some of those temperature swings. https://amzn.to/3fppxkz (affiliate).

Body temperature can also be be regulated by what you wear, so talking pajamas and sleepwear is important. You may read that sleeping in the buff is a good idea and how our ancestors did things, but I’ve seen too many fire safety videos to know that you do not have time to throw on clothes before you exit your house and well…they say high fences make good neighbors, but I feel like wearing pants outside does too, y’all.

Soma Intimates https://brandcycle.shop/gpdm7 (affiliate) are my favorite pjs on a daily basis. I like to check in during their Christmas sales and buy the off-season jammies. The type I linked here are especially for those of us who get a little “schweaty” come 2am. Some of these can get a little “old lady”, but most are super cute. And I’ll take “old lady who sleeps through the night” over “sexy but sweaty” most every night. 🙂

Another brand I really like, and I totally get it if you think I’m nuts, but UnderArmor’s recovery sleep line is fab in terms of pajamas, y’all. They keep you cool and there aren’t any weird seams if that’s something that bugs you. The material is breathable and lightweight, but the long-sleeved looks keep just warm enough in the winter. Yes, you will look like you are ready to go on a run right out of bed, but I swear they put magic into these pajamas and I’ll take all the “recovery” I can get. https://brandcycle.shop/tjdob (affiliate)


Sleep-conducive environments are very important. Part of that for many people, is sound. Repetitive, calming noises that our brain recognizes as “background noise” might be something you’re missing in your sleep prep. They can drown out noise snores from a partner or rowdy neighbors, but they also help your body by acting as a sleep cue. There are lots of sound machines out there. I linked one I liked but you can even repurpose one you used with your babies before you buy your own. Sound machine:  https://amzn.to/3cCH6vT (affiliate).

Sutera Pillow https://sleepsutera.com/products/dream-deep. Or here is a less pricy alternative https://amzn.to/3u4jwOq (affilaite). Here’s two options, but finding the right pillow is sort of like finding the right husband or the right red lipstick. It’s very, very subjective to who you are and what you like. I’ve tried at least 50 pillows and the Suteras are the ones that I’ve kept on my bed the longest. They look like they’re from another planet, but if you want sleep that’s out of this world…

Sheets from Sam’s Club https://brandcycle.shop/hlex0 (affiliate). Literally, that’s it. These sheets are from Sam’s Club and I love them. Look for sheets that will keep you cool and have a high thread count. These do both and are affordable. For women with hormone issues, we’re also more prone to restless leg syndrome, dry skin, eczema, and histamine issues. You don’t want itchy sheets.


Magnesium has a profound effect on sleep. It binds to the same receptors in your brain as sleep drugs like Ambien. Magnesium also helps regulate the sleep hormone melatonin. Deficiencies in magnesium have been directly related to insomnia in scientific studies. Many supplements take upwards of a month to start getting results, but magnesium can be pretty immediate. As in maybe don’t take it before you go on a car trip if you’re driving.

I use this brand of magnesium capsules https://amzn.to/3eTfO2X (affiliate). 500mg is the dosage I use for therapeutic treatment. 360mg is a common dosage, too, but be sure to build up to these numbers. Magnesium has laxative properties and if you start full throttle, well maybe plan to have a campout in the bathroom.

If tea is your jam this is my favorite https://amzn.to/2PFyVWg (affiliate). Sometimes a nice cup of tea is more than the sum of the herbs it is made of. Just the ritual of taking a moment to steep the tea and breathe in the warmth is super calming. A cup of tea and a book before bed is bliss. Trust me.

I hope these favorites of mine were helpful or at least gave you a jumping off point. If you need a little more help getting your sleep together—check out my blog on The 2 Most Essential Elements of a Successful Sleep Routine.

Thanks for reading!