Client Spotlight: Anna S.


Meet Anna S. from HashiGirl™ ’05 Class.

What was your biggest Hashi related struggle before the TTH program?

Brain fog, fatigue, low energy, a lot of anxiety

What was an unexpected outcome of the TTH program for you?

The people/community.

I figured I’d do the program and that would be it. I’m not a people person and it’s hard for me to be involved in a group setting. But this felt different. And just because the program was over didn’t mean my Hashimoto’s was gone. It’s still there! Staying involved and keeping up with the people/HashiGirl community helps keep me motivated and supported.

What are your top wins you achieved through the TTH program? 

Anxiety, Brain Fog, low energy, and fatigue are basically gone. I feel more like the “old” me.

Way to go Anna! And thanks again for sharing your story with us!