Client Spotlight: Stephenie C.


Meet Stephenie C. from our HashiGirl™ ’08 Class.

What was your biggest Hashi related struggle before the TTH program? There were a couple but my main one was low libido. It was an issue and caused stress in my relationship with my husband.

What was an unexpected outcome of the TTH program for you? Confidence! Being part of this program has truly changed my life, not just with Hashimoto’s but how I see myself as a woman, wife, mother and friend.

What are your top wins you achieved through the TTH program? Several wins: increased libido, brain fog lifting, lowered antibody levels, sleep, not stressing over every little thing and weight loss.

What is the biggest thing you’ve changed that has led most to your success? Food elimination! Cutting out gluten, soy and preservatives have made a dramatic difference in how I feel and look. I was obsessed with dairy (cheese) prior to starting and have decreased my dairy intake by probably 75% and feel great!

What advice do you have for someone considering the TTH program? This program will change your life! Leigh has created an amazing course to help heal and identify so many areas in your life that can be adjusted to help your Hashimotos. I have found a wonderful community to help support me through Hashimotos and Life!

Congratulations on all your wins, Stephanie!