Client Spotlight: Debbie B

Meet Debbie from the HashiGirl™ ’06 Class!

Her biggest Hashi related struggle before joining the TTH program was:

“Total brain fog, body aches, extreme fatigue, headaches, flu like symptoms, joints swelling, lots of inflammation. With all of this came withdrawal and depression.”

We asked Debbie what an unexpected outcome of the TTH program was for her. Her response:

“How quickly I started to feel like myself. Symptoms started lifting and my energy level took off. I felt Awesome. I always thought I chose food wisely, but I was so wrong. What I thought I was doing right, turned out to be the very things that were hurting me.”

What advice did Debbie have for someone considering the TTH program?

“Anyone with Hashimoto’s should absolutely join. The education about lifestyle changes in the way we eat and get nutrients are amazing. The friendships that are created during the process are wonderful in a way you can’t imagine. These women are so different, but have so much in common. We support each other in more ways than just nutrition. Everyone becomes like family.

I was very skeptical about joining, but I’m so glad I did. It truly has changed my life, so I can live my best life.”

We have loved being a part of your Hashi Healing Journey, Debbie! Watching you transform your habits, shift unhealthy mindsets and heal is our FAVORITE part of what we do!