Client Spotlight: Raquel W.

Meet Raquel W. from our HashiGirl™ ’07 Class!

Raquel’s biggest struggle when she started the TTH program was chronic pain. Here are some reflections from Raquel about what she gained through the Thriving Through Hashimoto’s course.

What was an unexpected outcome of the TTH program for you? An unexpected outcome was actually feeling good again. I don’t know when I last felt normal before starting this program. I was losing myself.

What are your top wins you achieved through the TTH program? Some of my top wins have been experiencing many days pain free and not having a constant bubble gut.

What is the biggest thing you’ve changed that has led most to your success? Going gluten free has made a huge difference and helped my success.

What advice do you have for someone considering the TTH program? It is beyond worth it to do this for yourself. You will be in an environment that nourishes success. You will find your tribe here, this is not just another online group. And you will not only see the progress you make, you will feel it.

Congratulations, Raquel! We’re so proud of you!