Grieving a Hashimoto’s Diagnosis


I worry sometimes that I meet so many HashiGirls who are new to this journey and that I might alienate them with my positivity. Not because they aren’t positive people, but because there is a definite grieving period after you get a diagnosis like this! 

For many HashiGirls like me, we can trace our initial encounter with flipping on our autoimmune disease switch back to a traumatic event. 

But getting a diagnosis of an “incurable” disease is trauma all by itself!

I grieved my Hashi’s! I felt cheated. I felt defeated. Yes I was relieved to know I wasn’t nuts and my symptoms were real, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t fall into a funk and shed some serious tears! 

So if you’re finding me now (8 years down the road, in remission, with no noticeable symptoms) please don’t let that discourage you! 

It takes time to heal your Hashi’s! This isn’t a meds + supps and you’re done type of disease. The HashiGirls that find the most success make small changes over time and are patient with themselves and the process. It doesn’t mean they aren’t trying hard or making the effort because they’re making intentional swaps in their daily routines—it means they know that consistency wins! 

We’re the tortoise in this race. The pretty, strong, healthy, smart tortoise 💁🏼‍♀️, but the tortoise! Slow and steady wins this race, HashiGirls. Because I don’t want you “well” for a season, I want your wellness to be a part of who you are for the rest of your life!

And the secret to getting there is finding the support and the step-by-step programming you need. 

Give yourself time to grieve your diagnosis because that’s important, but please realize that having Hashimoto’s for life doesn’t mean you have to have the symptoms of Hashimoto’s for life!! 

Reducing and eliminating your symptoms is possible, even if you’ve already started meds and haven’t seen much difference! 

Trust me. I did it. We did it! And, my team and I, we’re helping new HashiGirls get started down this same healing path every single day. 

You are welcome to join us. We’d love, love, love to have you! ❤️