Home Gym Equipment: What To Get And Why

You know what will make you reevaluate your home gym equipment? 

 A pandemic.

There are a few things to consider when buying equipment for a home gym.  

  1. Will you use it?
  2. Do you have room for it? Or how will you store it?
  3. What’s the price point?

Will you use it? 

This is a question where you have to get honest with yourself. Maybe a rowing machine is a staple in your CrossFit gym. Maybe you hate the rower with the fire of a thousand suns. Should you get a rower at home? Probably not. If there isn’t someone making you use it everyday you may drop loads of cash on something you actively avoid.

Do you have room for it? Or how will you store it?

You know what’s great about trying to store a yoga mat? It’s flexibility. 

Okay, that was lame, but point taken? It’s a whole lot easier to put away storage bands than it is a full bar and set of plates. And storing away a squat rack isn’t really a thing. 

What’s the price point?

Assuming the pandemic doesn’t last forever you’ll likely be going back to your gym. If this is the case keep your membership fees in mind when you make your home gym purchases because the situation isn’t forever. Now, maybe some time away has shown you the convenience of working out at your house and you’re ready to make some real investments—that’s okay too! Just make sure you’ve got a plan before you spring into action. A whole planet worth of fitness in your garage isn’t going to keep you from missing the camaraderie of your gym. And cheap equipment that falls apart isn’t ever a good buy. 

These are the products I use in my home gym:

Jump rope (affiliate). This guy is tangle-free just in case your hair is already doing the most. 

Yoga mat (affiliate). You can use this for ab work too. You don’t want a squishy tummy but a squishy soft mat is a MUST.

Resistance loop bands (affiliate). This is a great set of bands.

Sit Up Pad (affiliate). This makes your sit-ups more effective. We’ve all heard abs are made in the kitchen, but sometimes they’re also made on the floor of your garage.

Kettlebells (affiliate). This is a great home set of kettlebells for women. 

Full size resistance-stretch bands (affiliate). These are great for pull-up help, stretching, and making giant slingshots (probably).

Slam ball (affiliate). I recommend the 20lb but the pink 10lb is so pretty!

TRX system (affiliate). This is a full service gym that looks like something you pulled out of the toolbox on the back of your husband’s truck. There’s videos. Don’t worry. 

Step platform for step ups or box jumps (affiliate). I love this set because it is adjustable height. 

Epsom salt (affiliate). Because, sister…working out at home is still working out.