Hashi Girl Chai Lattes

This recipe is from one of my original #HashiGirls, Liza Dora. Liza is a children’s book author/illustrator, writer, and brand story consultant. She had been suffering from Hashimoto’s for 5 years before we started working together.

Liza had a VERY hard time giving up dairy, and needed something to get her through the Hashi Girl Gut Healing Protocol. She’s not a coffee drinker (I know. WHAT?!) but she loves tea and was REALLY missing her daily Chai Tea Latte.

Here’s Liza:

Hi friends! I hate alternative milks. HATE THEM. When people talk about drinking almond milk, I die a little inside. So when Leigh told me I’d be cutting out dairy (including cow’s milk) for at least three weeks to go through her Hashi Girl Gut Healing Protocol, I was devastated. (<– Not being dramatic, I drink 2 chai lattes daily to hit normal adult functioning levels. DEV-A-STATED.)

So, I started trying alternative milks. They all either have carrageenan in them (which is a big no-no in gut health and for people with inflammation), they don’t foam (it’s not a latte if there is no foam!), or they taste like socks. After a bunch of trial and error I found Oatly! (affiliate). They have a barista blend that foams like cow’s milk (swoon!), and it tastes like oatmeal which isn’t terrible. In fact, one of my favorite things about Oatly! is that there’s not loads of taste at all, which is perfect when paired with a spicy chai!

In Leigh’s program Thriving Through Hashimoto’s, we also focus on upping our protein levels and by adding Orgain’s Collagen Peptides (affiliate), I was able to get 18g of protein in each latte! There’s zero taste to the unflavored variety and it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. It’s also full of collagen peptides which alleviates joint pain for some people and also just makes you prettier or something.

Hashi Girl Chai Lattes

The recipe is super simple and only has three ingredients:

Oatly! Barista Blend (affiliate)

Orgain Collagen Peptides Unflavored (affiliate)

Bhakti Chai (affiliate) (This is my favorite Chai because you can taste the spices. They also have sugar free, but why?)


  1. Warm your Chai Concentrate. (Leave cold if you like Iced Chai, but why?)
  2. Steam/froth your oat milk.
  3. Add Orgain powder to the Chai concentrate and stir (It dissolves super fast, no worries. Just don’t add it before you microwave your chai or you’ll get a collagen peptide dumpling.)
  4. Pour your frothed oat milk over the top, sprinkle with cinnamon and you’re done!

Now you have a delicious Chai Latte that your Hashi’s Coach will approve of and your husband will stop glaring at the UberEats people who keep delivering bags of Starbucks.

-Liza Dora