Best Books for HashiGirls

Thyroid disease is already a tough nut to crack. When you add an autoimmune disorder on top—it doesn’t get any easier. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I was given a little white pill and told there’s no cure. 

Well, I don’t ever really like being told “no” and so began my absolute deep dive into the world of Hashi’s research. I saw all the doctors, read all the books. I did everything I could to educate myself about a disease my doctor didn’t even seem to know (or understand) much about.

It took years to find my groove. To get to a point where I knew when my labs were off even before the blood draw, but I don’t want you to be discouraged. I compiled this list as a starting point. For some of you, finding a doctor who has read books like these outside of medical texts will be the goal. For others who are taking control of their own treatment plans, you’ve got a lot of reading to do.

Here’s a list of books I’d give to a friend newly diagnosed with Hashi’s:

*I’ve placed affilaite links for the one’s I know you can currently buy online.

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome (affiliate)

This book is older but it is FULL of information you can use today. While the author does recommend supplements in this book, you’ll see some overlap to the ones recommended elsewhere. Where this book helped me was when it came to sleep. What the author says about real rest and when it occurs was a total game-changer. Yes, the cover is hokey, but if scrunchies can make a comeback, so can this insightful and well-researched book.

The Autoimmune Solution (affiliate)

This is seen by many people with autoimmune disease as a definitive guide. I really appreciate all the work Dr. Meyers puts into her books. Lots of great information and she cites studies, accordingly. The only criticism I would have is that her program can seem very intimidating to do alone. It’s a lot of science and a lot of work, and coupled, those two things can be overwhelming to many HashiGirls™ already struggling to keep our heads above water.

Wheat Belly (affiliate)

Getting rid of gluten entirely, or even just for 3-6 months while you truly heal you gut can be a real challenge. Often those of us with food sensitivities and not food ALLERGIES, fail to notice that something is detrimental to our health. While the effects are indeed cumulative–they’re gradual. Suddenly, five years later, we can’t remember the last time we really felt “good”. Wheat Belly does a deep dive into how we become programmed to our gluten addictions. There’s lots of science and anecdotes, but the book isn’t a slog to read. If you know you’re going to be giving up gluten, or really want to,–read this. Wheat Belly might just be all the motivation you need. 

Stop the Thyroid Madness (affiliate)

This was a great answer to why Synthroid (levothyroxine) may not be helping. Definitely worth the read.

The Thyroid Connection (affiliate)

It’s your girl Amy Meyers again. He books are incredibly well-researched and you just have to give so much credit there. She’s an actual M.D. who agreed the medical texts were just not helping us enough. Once again there is A LOT if information here, so it can feel overwhelming. Baby steps people. Find a support system or a community. You don’t have to do this alone.

The Root Cause (affiliate)

If you haven’t heard of the Thyroid Pharmacist, you might be newly diagnosed, because she knows her stuff. Highly recommend this book. Again, lots of info, but if you can get through the weeds, there’s so much to learn.

Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal? (affiliate)

Long title–great book! This book is often overlooked but one of the most valuable texts for those of us who understand that Hashi’s is an autoimmune disease first. Highly recommend. 

I’m not suggesting you have to read each of these books and implement everything they say. In fact–DON’T DO THAT.

Find what works for you. In my program, Thriving Through Hashimoto’s™, we focus becoming an expert in our own body and health. During the first half of the program, I teach my HashiGirls™ a progression of HashiHealing habits designed to build upon one another and create lifestyle and mindset shifts that are realistic and sustainable for the REST OF THEIR LIVES! In the second half of the program we focus on implementing these changes fully and fine tuning, creating a lifestyle tailored specifically to you and your needs that can halt and even begin to reverse our disease process. 

My Program GETS YOU STARTED. It’s actionable.

The information in the books I listed is great. It’s valuable, peer-reviewed, and ultimately helpful, but it can also be overwhelming to do alone.

And knowing something and doing something are two VERY different things. 

Read. Learn. But also find a way to put these things into action.  

You’re worth the effort. 

You are.